My First Blog Post

Saturday, September 26, 2015.


Welcome, to my first blog post!

My name is Asaph Gaspi, 23 years old, a returning college student pursuing a degree in Marketing, and currently in the Pierce College Social Media Marketing Certificate program.

Earlier this week I was offered a role to become what would be the social media manager for a local small Masonry Business in Gig Harbor. I will be meeting on Tuesday to discuss more about the business and the role expectations. I wanted to use my first post to write a brief overview of personal advantages to not only meet the role expectations but also generate more leads and elevate their online presence to a system that will ensure future success.

Advantages –

I have the tools, resources, and professional guidance needed to succeed.

I have the drive and determination, and passion for the role as it will be part of my career path.

Most of my time out of work spent on homework assignments for my program, will essentially be used to perfect my skills in social media marketing. I will only progress in my role and continue to become more skilled.

With college level writing and 4+ years of face to face customer service experience, I have the oral and written communication skills to ensure professional representation.

I will utilize my photography skills to assist with producing the photos for the business with photoshop touch-up if necessary.

With innovation as a key trait, I will ensure that any time that is not spent maintaining social media, will be used to implement strategies and campaigns, to find new ways to better serve the audience and meet potential clientele.

I will have the TIME. TIME to find ways to reach and manage relationships with target audience, TIME to find ways to connect with other networks in which we’d use to open up to more business opportunities, TIME to research ways to outperform the competition, TIME to maintain social media presence, TIME in which the business owner does not have that I can utilize my own TIME to further add value while implementing systems of growth and productivity.


Professor Givenchy I’d love to follow up with you personally via email, skype, phone after my first meeting on Tuesday, and give you more detail on this opportunity of mine.


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