Blogpost #2

On January of this year, 2015, I purchased my first DSLR Camera; Nikon D3300.

My love for photography really started to bloom in 2014, when I first realized how much better photos turned out with my iphone when I took them in outdoor lighting. The increase in clarity. The significance in vibrancy. I was astonished, and from that epiphany started a daily research into the art, technique, the skill set of photography.

My love for men’s style began when I started work at fashion retailer Express back in 2012. Growing up poor, My mother got my entire wardrobe from clearance racks. Not to say clearance items don’t have potential to be stylish, but it represented my lack for competence in that category. Wearing clothes just to be decent, not saying anything about myself, or to articulate my personality. Fast forward to 2015 and now I am a wardrobe consultant at Nordstrom, helping men with style tips, and to further develop a wardrobe they can be proud of, One that compliments who they are, and represents their personality.

Ever since the purchase of my NIkon D3300, I decided I wanted combine my newfound interest in photography with my eye for beauty, art, and style, to conduct my own fashion photoshoot with local models. Instagram is my main platform to post my photos. In the beginning of this year I devoted almost everyday on hours and hours of research and practice to further perfect my craft. I would do a photo shoot a week, talk ideas for concepts, play music during photo sessions to compliment the mood, bring snacks for my models. After months of photo shoots and posting my content on Instagram, I now received plenty of offers from aspiring models wanting to do work with me.

Everything about what I do is co-creation. To meet with clients and to use our minds collectively to create content that exemplifies our ideas of art, and beauty. With a platform like Instagram I have the ability and potential to get the kind of exposure that allows me to connect and co-create with the individuals of my community. Without the online presence or my personal networks in real life, our creations would not have existed and these relationships would not be where they are now. The beauty of the fashion/portrait photography that I do, is that it is solely dependent on connecting with the creatives of my community.


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