My PLN Project

Topic- Business/Online Marketing

How to assist a local small business in establishing an online presence and implement effective marketing strategy.

Last week I had met with a local masonry business owner and talked about an opportunity to be in charge of their social media and online marketing. Like most small businesses, many companies dealing with any sort of trade are having to establish an effective online presence to keep up with the evolution into this modern marketplace. More leads are being generated through the internet than ever before, and businesses will need to up their game when it comes to their online strategy if they want to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities available via internet.

By using my knowledge in social media marketing to help small businesses, I am living my values of innovation and compassion. I will also be developing proficiency in branding, networking, and management skills which will benefit myself throughout my upcoming entrepreneurial endeavors. I foresee my journey a constant growth; a cycle which includes to learn, utilize knowledge to add value, build networks, inspire, move on to next big challenge, take big risk, and whether I succeed or fail, I will learn, move on to the next, and repeat.


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