Blogpost #3

Content Marketing 101: Tips on Content Strategy

The article proposes a basic outline of an online content marketing strategy, broken down into three different frames which are represented throughout different parts of the process of the marketing pipeline.

First section of the article is titled “It’s not about selling”. Although it may seem at face value that the selling aspect is the main focal point when it comes to marketing, a successful marketing strategy starts with the potential client. The client who is conducting the research on your products, your services, your marketplace. When it comes to devising content, keep in mind the two ideas. Thought leadership and brand awareness. The more clarity you can provide on your products and marketplace before pushing the sale, the more trust you will build with your audience. A fundamental aspect often overlooked, but essential when generating leads.

Second section provides a few examples; Sources of content and different types of content, and how they can contribute to the credibility of your brand. One example is using third party experts as guest blog posts. By collaborating with various experts in your field you are building a better sense of trust and community with your niche audience by curating the content for them, and showing validation through connecting with the other industry leaders.

Third and last section of the article is titled “Sometimes it is about selling”. Once you are able to establish trust and provide clarity for your potential clientele, and are proficient in curating content that adds value, the leads will be generated. They will be in a better position to receive, then you will focus on the selling. At that point the consumer will be looking for more direct solutions on the purchase they are about to make, which is then your duty to offer them content that is more directed towards their specific needs.

The most interesting thing I learned about reading this article was the idea of the “marketing pipeline”.

“A prospect 80% down the pipeline is likely going to be a more qualified prospect because they are nearing the end goal in terms of making a purchase — and because Marketing and Sales only have to get that last 20% to close the sale.”

The visual of breaking down your content strategy to support potential clientele through different processes of a buying situation; From providing clarity and credibility to answering specific needs, the marketing pipeline visual is an effective and simple idea marketers can keep in mind when tailoring a strategy for their own company’s audience.


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