Blogpost #5

I wanted to pick the two companies that were not only competitors of J. Crew, but similar in amount of stores in the NW and brand influence in the local area. H&M and Banana Republic have become household names in the world of fashion that may seem to share a similar type of demographic as J. Crew.

Just so I’m not all over the place with this post and for the purpose of practicing my ability to find ways to improve a brands website and social media practices; The examples below are specifically what competitors H&M and Banana Republic are doing more effectively and/or what I believe J.Crew in comparison can do to improve their strategy.


  • Keeping navigation down to six top most relevant pages, as opposed to 11. (H&M) LADIES. MEN. KIDS. HOME. SALE. H&M LIFE. vs. (J. Crew) WOMEN. MEN. GIRLS. BOYS. SHOES. JEWELRY. WEDDING. PETITE. SALE. FACTORY BLOG.  J. Crew could have possibly been better off condensing shoes, jewelry, wedding, petite links into respective sections (women, men, girls, boys). Results in less cluttered navigation menu some audience may find more appealing and a clearer pathway to direct users through site. example. petite customer on J. Crew website – “hmm I wonder if there is more petite clothing in the women section, or is the petite section the only section I need to be on to find clothes for myself?”
  • Store Locator is placed in upper left section of website. This section is reserved for most vital information on website. Visibility factor encourages users to visit store, leading to more opportunity of engagement and increase customer-brand relationship.
  • “Search Products” search bar and link on homepage actually works! J. Crew “Search” on homepage.. Does not.


  • Three most recent instagram pics are runway shots of H&M fashion show event launching designer collection. The collaboration with designer brand Balmain (H&M x Balmain) demonstrates H&M’s relevancy, and credibility in the fashion world. J. Crew being a fashion brand, could further marketing efforts by investing in a fashion show event promoting brand, building hype, and showcasing to instagram audience.
  • 10.2 million followers. J. Crew only has 1.2 million followers.
  • Utilizes Instagram platform by posting videos, and creative short ads promoting H&M brand and events. J. Crew contains no videos making presence on instagram one dimensional. J. Crew could use platform to make creative ads attractive to audience.

Banana Republic 

  • Upon arriving to website Get On The List. Be the first to shop new arrivals & exclusive promotions! + Take 25% off your first purchase. Enter Email. Confirm Email. SUBMIT” Alongside picture of interracial model couple in intimate moment, pops up. Language is directive, tells user what they want them to do. Features – being the first, exclusivity, up to trend. Benefits- take 25% off first purchase, discount benefit.”Enter Email. Confirm Email” adds the second step of confirming email, different than most sites that usually just ask to enter email. condenses step process. + picture demonstrates brand value of diversity. All increase chance of getting user to subscribe to email.
  • Utilizes simple flash animation on one of the pictures on the homepage. Titled underneath “OFFICE HOURS”. Transitions from a male model, to a lady model, both in semi-formal Fall attire. J. Crew could use same feature for a simple and effective change to further visually engage user.

Banana Republic Facebook Fan Page

  • Has 1.7 million likes. J. Crew has 1.4 likes.
  • “Visitors Posts” section on left bar of page displays recent comments made by facebook users on BR fan page. Promotes user engagement, gives platform for users to see other recent users posts, may contribute to brand credibility. Puts a spotlight on the audience.

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