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Helpful Tips for International SEO – by Samuel Edwards 

During my search for a relevant article to do this blog assignment on, the title “Helpful Tips for International SEO” caught my attention. Why of course! With all of the obvious competition in the retail world here in the U.S, how could I forget about the broader majority of the audience. The rest of the world. In this article Samuel Edwards shifts the focus away from the importance of local SEO over to the opposite end of the spectrum, International SEO. Tip #1, Start With Target Language.

“According to a Common Sense Advisory research study, 30 percent of respondents never purchase from English language sites. Another 29 percent very rarely do. That means 59 percent of global consumers will likely never make a purchase from your website if it’s English only.”

J. Crew actually does pretty well here, offering international shipping to over 100 countries worldwide and translated versions of their website to each of those countries. Samuel also suggests to consider relevant keywords in each language for better SEO. Tip #2, Select a Country-Specific Domain. Every international version of J. Crew website is country- specific domain. ex. The French version of J. Crew website is Tip #3, Develop an International Lead Generation Strategy.

“Matthew Capala, SEO strategist and entrepreneur, suggests building relationships with local influencers. After all, you want to establish comfort with your international targets.”

Very insightful if not blatantly obvious strategy that might surprisingly go over the heads of some big brand companies. J. Crew should very well maximize lead generating practices like building relationships with local influencers, bloggers, leaders in their communities in order to achieve significant increase in traffic and brand awareness. Tip #4, Don’t Forget About Link Building. Follow link building practices. Final Tip covered in the article, Tip #5 Monitor and Listen.

“..according to an article by Paula Shannon of Lionbridge, “emerging markets have adopted social media in numbers far greater than the US and even Europe.” In the Middle East and Africa, an impressive four out of every five internet users are on social networks (the highest social media penetration in the world).”

Consistent effort on cultivating international influence and productive monitoring ROI practices is essential for J. Crew to stand out, and overrun the competition in the fashion retail industry.


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