W10 Blogpost

The biggest challenge of writing a blog this quarter was finding the right words to express myself during the blogging process. More specifically the self-criticism and the “writers block”.  Earlier this quarter in Week 6, BUS 134, I wrote a summary on the article “The Painless Path to Technical Writing” that seemed to put things into perspective. The article opened up about the idea, of how the reluctance that takes place during the writing process is not so much the result of the lack of discipline, but the lack of courage within those moments of self-articulation. To express, then to correct, to overcome the hesitation, then express again, takes a sort of bravery in order to persevere.

From this experience of blogging, I learned that I have a big mouth. lol. Big mouth in the sense that I have a lot to express. I’ve become more of a recluse these recent years from my group of friends. I go to the gym, I go to work, I work on my assignments, and I study success. I’m a broke college student. So going out every weekend doesn’t sound so appealing when it requires me choosing between having enough GNC protein and vitamins for the month, or having enough for gas, a few drinks and some junk food afterwords. My health and my studies are my #1 priorities. Anything else is a negotiable.

And because of that, these assignments have given me an outlet to express my thoughts. What I’ve gained from this experience of blogging which will no doubt be useful for my future is

  1. My passion for becoming superior in my writing has been reinvigorated.
  2. The practice of weekly blogging has continually challenged me to overcome my self-doubt in writing capabilities. Making me more confident and assertive in my writing.
  3. Weekly blogging has led me to learning more techniques in technical writing that is essential in excellent web copy, blogging, etc.
  4. Weekly blogging has given me the momentum to rise to the occasion in writing assignments.
  5. Weekly writing in general has helped me better articulate marketing strategy as well as hold me accountable to meet deadlines, something I need to be great at if I want to become superior in my marketing.

BUS 134: W9 Blogpost

Warfield Masonry 

E-Marketing Objectives

  1. Redesign website, make website mobile compatible, include updated pictures of work. Completed by the end of January 2016.
  2. Increase Facebook fan page engagement and obtain 300+ likes by June 2016.
  3. Create a YouTube account and post one new video every month, 6 videos by June 2016.
  4. Incorporate a blog section on website. Consistently post one weekly blog. 24 blogposts by June 2016.
  5. Reach 10 most recent/current customers for testimonials. Add 10 testimonials to website by January 2016. Develop a process of consistently taking testimonials from customers after project completion.

When developing my top 5 e-marketing objectives for Warfield Masonry, I took factors such as resources, time and expectations into serious consideration. Redesigning the website is #1 priority. Current layout is outdated, not mobile compatible, with plenty of design improvements to be made. Utilize photography skills to update current pictures of projects. The majority of construction businesses still hold strong to traditional marketing practices, resulting in less focus on web presence . Improving website design, web copy, pictures and content will give Warfield the competitive edge over a vast majority of local competition.  Testimonial Page is empty. 10 testimonials will be to establish content. A content strategy will be devised for Facebook, YouTube and blog page. Main objectives is to establish an online presence and create a strategy that consistently engages and adds content to current audience. Measures of success is kept simple for first six months, with YouTube and blogposts KPI is amount of posts. Facebook is only platform that requires external KPI, the amount of likes added by end of 6 months. Currently 273 likes, adding 300+ will be over 100% increase. The importance of first 6 months consistency in implementing strategy and establishing an actual presence on website and social media.

Blogpost #9

I recently had the amazing opportunity to volunteer/attend Seattle Interactive Conference 2015. SIC2015 The #1 premier technology networking event where leading experts, start-ups and entrepreneurs based out of the Pacific Northwest speak on marketing, branding, design, technology and business. I got to hear people like @randfish co-founder of MOZ (This company we actually came across in our module https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo) speak on SEO trends, and Dan Shapiro founder of Glowforge 3D Laser Printer, the Seattle start-up that raised $27.9 million dollars the most successful kickstarter crowd funding campaign ever to date. (http://www.seattletimes.com/business/technology/glowforge-raises-274-million-breaks-crowdfunding-record/ (Links to an external site.)

During this event I had the chance to chat with two local talent agencies who specialize in connecting creative talented individuals with local companies/start-ups! The Creative Group & VitaminTalentDuring my conversations with them it was clear that there was a consistent need for creative talent in the tech/business industry, and with as much start-ups and growth in SMB and some to expanding exponentially, the need for diverse talent is on the rise.

Skills I currently have that would help me, I have 2+ years in sales at Nordstrom. The experience has helped me develop strong customer service, relationship management, communication, professional, problem solving skills. Along with being in the retail world I have an excellent taste and passion for men’s style, which will help me if I chose to do online marketing within the industry. My photography skills, which stemmed from managing photoshoots, coming up with shoot concepts, technique, lighting, photoshop. All skills that would assist me with visual and graphic appeal on online marketing and the ability to produce my own high quality photographs for website and various social network platforms.

Skills I would need to learn, are basically all the skills covered in the courses for this Social Media Marketing Program. Implementing online marketing, SEO, lead generation, social media and content strategies. Understanding and/or excelling in technical skills like web development, graphic design, UX design and technical writing would be beneficial.

The characteristics and personal skills I would look for if I were to hire someone for this position are the same ones I am constantly trying to work on and improve myself.

  1. Passion- Self starter, hungry for knowledge, experiences, guidance, and willingness to utilize talents to contribute their best works for a greater purpose. information seeker, student of learning, tenacious.
  2. Innovation -Creative, storyteller. Constantly striving to find different ways to approach, or solve a problem from a unique viewpoint, always challenging the status quo, digitally savvy. visionary.
  3. Self-Awareness – Honest, observant, ability to analyze oneself’s strengths, weaknesses, areas of growth, to be critical, to be willing to drop the ego, to continue to grow and develop talents
  4. Compassion – Customer-centric marketing, becomes an ideal customer in order to understand the kind of marketing needed to connect business with audience. Consistently trying to uncover the needs in the marketplace, and finding solutions. The innate nature of serving those around him/herself, live to add value.
  5. Analytical- Decisive, organized, uses best strategic planning practices, executes, organized, well thought out steps to achieving maximum results and productivity. time management.

BUS 134: W8 Blogpost


“I was referred to Warfield Masonry through one of my coworkers. I’ve always admired the look of vintage architecture, but just didn’t know who to call! Warfield Masonry provided us with options for beautiful brick gateway designs for my front yard. They finished the project as scheduled. They were professional, kind and made sure I knew everything that was going on. The end result was a beautiful, entry post, that exemplifies the strength and beauty I had longed for my humble abode. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I tell anyone who needs masonry work done to call Warfield, and I have some more projects lined up for the future!” – Bobby Wagner, testimonial


“It’s a tough one.. But we need your opinion, Eliza’s Backyard Paradise or Sarah’s Home Haven?” (Post along with split-picture of Pennsylvania Blue Stone Patio vs Flagstone Patio, both which are works done by Warfield Masonry).


“If it seems a little chilly-er than normal, Your chimney may need some fixer-uppin! Make Santa’s trip a little easier this Christmas” (Include funny picture of Santa stuck in damaged chimney with Warfield Masonry symbol on his bag of presents, saying “Ho! Ho! Ho! Tweet us now!”).

First steps must include careful examination of overall business strategy, target audience, measurable goals and objectives, and lots of competition research. Only then, will a content strategy be implemented for each social network. Different content strategies will be taken into consideration, for example  – 2o% inform, 20% entertain, 40% interact and 20% convert to business (Social Media Equation by Eve Mayer Orsburn). Also the 4:1 Sharing System (Kevan Lee from Buffer Social). Assuming Warfield Masonry already has projects lined up for first 6 months of 2016, projects that last a few weeks to a few months, social media efforts may only need to be kept to a minimum, to achieve ROI congruent with online objectives. 2x a week on facebook and 2x a day on twitter. Adjustments will be made according to content strategy and target audience. Website, currently has an empty testimonial page. First step posting on website would focus on implementing system of obtaining current/future testimonials and post in a presentable manner on website. Next focus would be creating a News Page, updating on events/projects relevant to Warfield Masonry.


Blogpost #8

I love this blog topic. Awesome video. I’m always impressed when I hear stories of entrepreneurs earliest ventures dating back to their younger days. If I could go back and rewrite my history I guess I would’ve started similar ventures at that age as well, but I’m very grateful that to this present moment I’ve developed the entrepreneurial spirit. Earlier this year I began immersing myself in the world of self development. Daily podcasts, articles, videos, in topics such as confidence, leadership, innovation, business, and of course, entrepreneurship. Listening to the stories and insight of the thought leaders in the business world and how they were able to achieve the kind of work and accomplishments they most desired ingrained in me the kind of spirit I don’t think will ever go away.

I brag to my friends about how awesome this social media marketing program is, how much I’m learning, how ambitious I am in this arena and how excited I am for the hustle and bustle of the modern day entrepreneur. What’s made me so passionate about this program is the idea of developing the kind of character traits, skill sets, and connections to allow me to work and add value in my own way, on my own time. The idea that ideally I can choose to never have to work for someone again, makes me enthusiastic of the kind of freedom that life entails. To be able to say to business owners “I know what it’s gonna take to reach and exceed your goals for your business” , and young start ups “That is an awesome product/service, I’m gonna help this business grow” and the ability to back it up. The skills I’m learning are transferable to anything and make me a valuable player in the arena of business. I am still immersing myself daily in podcasts, articles, videos, and studying the best entrepreneurs, marketers, business leaders etc. This program is a key part of my entrepreneur journey simply because it challenges me to take action on all of the things I’ve learned thus far and do the work necessary to succeed.

December will be my last month working for Nordstrom. This Winter quarter I will be officially enrolled full time, so I will be taking advantage of the free time from leaving the 9-5 to further focus on my studies. I will also fill my schedule with finding opportunities of quick/odd jobs in various fields, networking, and further taking on experiences that will continue to feed and grow the bad ass entrepreneur I see in the mirror.

BUS 134- Start Your Blog

Warfield Masonry specializes in traditional brick, block and stone laying construction projects. Home services include but not limited to fireplaces, chimneys, patio, entryways etc. Commercial services include but not limited to brick/stone posts, entryways, buildings. examples of local work; Verizon Store and Chase Bank located off Meridian & 152nd in Puyallup. Projects range from quick residential installments to entire construction services for well known
corporations. One owner, one secretary and six contractors. Office located in Gig Harbor, family owned business since 1977. Warfield Masonry’s variety of quality services has made them a reliable household name in the greater Puget Sound area.

During my work at Nordstrom I have come to known the owner of the company quite well, and have had discussions about possibly taking ownership in some of their social media/online marketing. Warfield Masonry demonstrates the core values of the kind of company I wish to see succeed in this world. I am interested in utilizing what I’m learning in this program while simultaneously adding value and serving a business that I believe in. As many traditional small businesses are adjusting to the new world of online marketing, its up to individuals like me to utilize my talent and insight to be of service to those who service us in our communities.

Blogpost #7

Amazon has become one of titans in the business landscape of today’s society. A perfect example of a successful startup, changing the dynamics of how people are purchasing products in their everyday lives. One thing Amazon has always done extremely well is their behavioral advertising. I’m not much of an online shopper, or a shopper in general, but anytime that I order from Amazon I experience firsthand the benefits of target marketing. When I purchased my camera back in early 2015, I found myself sort of lost in a new world of digital camera. I knew that I’d be needing essential equipment and accessories in order to ensure the most from my photography experiences, but I had no idea where to begin! But when I had my DSLR in my shopping cart, a bundle deal with an ALTURA flash along with a 5-in-1 reflector, a tripod and a lens cover popped up in the items I might want to add to my cart section. For the quality and price of the bundle deal, it was an unbelievably great bargain! Every time I shop at Amazon, I always seem to add more product that’s been recommended to my order, and I haven’t regretted it once yet.

I currently work at Nordstrom Tacoma, as a sales person in the Men’s Suits department. Since its first start-up in 1901, Nordies has always had the reputation of providing excellent customer service. But what people often refer to as customer service can be better explained as customer relationship management. We utilize a software tool in our registers called “Personal Book” where we store our customers order history, order tracking, alterations and personal notes. Customer information is used to take note of important purchases, reminders for upcoming sales, and utilize the customers shopping history to ensure that each of our customers are receiving a personalized experience when they shop with us at Nordstrom. Every sales person in a way is taught to be their own CRM, to further provide a tailored experience for the customers that we value.