Blogpost #7

Amazon has become one of titans in the business landscape of today’s society. A perfect example of a successful startup, changing the dynamics of how people are purchasing products in their everyday lives. One thing Amazon has always done extremely well is their behavioral advertising. I’m not much of an online shopper, or a shopper in general, but anytime that I order from Amazon I experience firsthand the benefits of target marketing. When I purchased my camera back in early 2015, I found myself sort of lost in a new world of digital camera. I knew that I’d be needing essential equipment and accessories in order to ensure the most from my photography experiences, but I had no idea where to begin! But when I had my DSLR in my shopping cart, a bundle deal with an ALTURA flash along with a 5-in-1 reflector, a tripod and a lens cover popped up in the items I might want to add to my cart section. For the quality and price of the bundle deal, it was an unbelievably great bargain! Every time I shop at Amazon, I always seem to add more product that’s been recommended to my order, and I haven’t regretted it once yet.

I currently work at Nordstrom Tacoma, as a sales person in the Men’s Suits department. Since its first start-up in 1901, Nordies has always had the reputation of providing excellent customer service. But what people often refer to as customer service can be better explained as customer relationship management. We utilize a software tool in our registers called “Personal Book” where we store our customers order history, order tracking, alterations and personal notes. Customer information is used to take note of important purchases, reminders for upcoming sales, and utilize the customers shopping history to ensure that each of our customers are receiving a personalized experience when they shop with us at Nordstrom. Every sales person in a way is taught to be their own CRM, to further provide a tailored experience for the customers that we value.


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