Blogpost #8

I love this blog topic. Awesome video. I’m always impressed when I hear stories of entrepreneurs earliest ventures dating back to their younger days. If I could go back and rewrite my history I guess I would’ve started similar ventures at that age as well, but I’m very grateful that to this present moment I’ve developed the entrepreneurial spirit. Earlier this year I began immersing myself in the world of self development. Daily podcasts, articles, videos, in topics such as confidence, leadership, innovation, business, and of course, entrepreneurship. Listening to the stories and insight of the thought leaders in the business world and how they were able to achieve the kind of work and accomplishments they most desired ingrained in me the kind of spirit I don’t think will ever go away.

I brag to my friends about how awesome this social media marketing program is, how much I’m learning, how ambitious I am in this arena and how excited I am for the hustle and bustle of the modern day entrepreneur. What’s made me so passionate about this program is the idea of developing the kind of character traits, skill sets, and connections to allow me to work and add value in my own way, on my own time. The idea that ideally I can choose to never have to work for someone again, makes me enthusiastic of the kind of freedom that life entails. To be able to say to business owners “I know what it’s gonna take to reach and exceed your goals for your business” , and young start ups “That is an awesome product/service, I’m gonna help this business grow” and the ability to back it up. The skills I’m learning are transferable to anything and make me a valuable player in the arena of business. I am still immersing myself daily in podcasts, articles, videos, and studying the best entrepreneurs, marketers, business leaders etc. This program is a key part of my entrepreneur journey simply because it challenges me to take action on all of the things I’ve learned thus far and do the work necessary to succeed.

December will be my last month working for Nordstrom. This Winter quarter I will be officially enrolled full time, so I will be taking advantage of the free time from leaving the 9-5 to further focus on my studies. I will also fill my schedule with finding opportunities of quick/odd jobs in various fields, networking, and further taking on experiences that will continue to feed and grow the bad ass entrepreneur I see in the mirror.


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