BUS 134: W8 Blogpost


“I was referred to Warfield Masonry through one of my coworkers. I’ve always admired the look of vintage architecture, but just didn’t know who to call! Warfield Masonry provided us with options for beautiful brick gateway designs for my front yard. They finished the project as scheduled. They were professional, kind and made sure I knew everything that was going on. The end result was a beautiful, entry post, that exemplifies the strength and beauty I had longed for my humble abode. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I tell anyone who needs masonry work done to call Warfield, and I have some more projects lined up for the future!” – Bobby Wagner, testimonial


“It’s a tough one.. But we need your opinion, Eliza’s Backyard Paradise or Sarah’s Home Haven?” (Post along with split-picture of Pennsylvania Blue Stone Patio vs Flagstone Patio, both which are works done by Warfield Masonry).


“If it seems a little chilly-er than normal, Your chimney may need some fixer-uppin! Make Santa’s trip a little easier this Christmas” (Include funny picture of Santa stuck in damaged chimney with Warfield Masonry symbol on his bag of presents, saying “Ho! Ho! Ho! Tweet us now!”).

First steps must include careful examination of overall business strategy, target audience, measurable goals and objectives, and lots of competition research. Only then, will a content strategy be implemented for each social network. Different content strategies will be taken into consideration, for example  – 2o% inform, 20% entertain, 40% interact and 20% convert to business (Social Media Equation by Eve Mayer Orsburn). Also the 4:1 Sharing System (Kevan Lee from Buffer Social). Assuming Warfield Masonry already has projects lined up for first 6 months of 2016, projects that last a few weeks to a few months, social media efforts may only need to be kept to a minimum, to achieve ROI congruent with online objectives. 2x a week on facebook and 2x a day on twitter. Adjustments will be made according to content strategy and target audience. Website, currently has an empty testimonial page. First step posting on website would focus on implementing system of obtaining current/future testimonials and post in a presentable manner on website. Next focus would be creating a News Page, updating on events/projects relevant to Warfield Masonry.



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