Blogpost #9

I recently had the amazing opportunity to volunteer/attend Seattle Interactive Conference 2015. SIC2015 The #1 premier technology networking event where leading experts, start-ups and entrepreneurs based out of the Pacific Northwest speak on marketing, branding, design, technology and business. I got to hear people like @randfish co-founder of MOZ (This company we actually came across in our module speak on SEO trends, and Dan Shapiro founder of Glowforge 3D Laser Printer, the Seattle start-up that raised $27.9 million dollars the most successful kickstarter crowd funding campaign ever to date. ( (Links to an external site.)

During this event I had the chance to chat with two local talent agencies who specialize in connecting creative talented individuals with local companies/start-ups! The Creative Group & VitaminTalentDuring my conversations with them it was clear that there was a consistent need for creative talent in the tech/business industry, and with as much start-ups and growth in SMB and some to expanding exponentially, the need for diverse talent is on the rise.

Skills I currently have that would help me, I have 2+ years in sales at Nordstrom. The experience has helped me develop strong customer service, relationship management, communication, professional, problem solving skills. Along with being in the retail world I have an excellent taste and passion for men’s style, which will help me if I chose to do online marketing within the industry. My photography skills, which stemmed from managing photoshoots, coming up with shoot concepts, technique, lighting, photoshop. All skills that would assist me with visual and graphic appeal on online marketing and the ability to produce my own high quality photographs for website and various social network platforms.

Skills I would need to learn, are basically all the skills covered in the courses for this Social Media Marketing Program. Implementing online marketing, SEO, lead generation, social media and content strategies. Understanding and/or excelling in technical skills like web development, graphic design, UX design and technical writing would be beneficial.

The characteristics and personal skills I would look for if I were to hire someone for this position are the same ones I am constantly trying to work on and improve myself.

  1. Passion- Self starter, hungry for knowledge, experiences, guidance, and willingness to utilize talents to contribute their best works for a greater purpose. information seeker, student of learning, tenacious.
  2. Innovation -Creative, storyteller. Constantly striving to find different ways to approach, or solve a problem from a unique viewpoint, always challenging the status quo, digitally savvy. visionary.
  3. Self-Awareness – Honest, observant, ability to analyze oneself’s strengths, weaknesses, areas of growth, to be critical, to be willing to drop the ego, to continue to grow and develop talents
  4. Compassion – Customer-centric marketing, becomes an ideal customer in order to understand the kind of marketing needed to connect business with audience. Consistently trying to uncover the needs in the marketplace, and finding solutions. The innate nature of serving those around him/herself, live to add value.
  5. Analytical- Decisive, organized, uses best strategic planning practices, executes, organized, well thought out steps to achieving maximum results and productivity. time management.

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