BUS 134: W9 Blogpost

Warfield Masonry 

E-Marketing Objectives

  1. Redesign website, make website mobile compatible, include updated pictures of work. Completed by the end of January 2016.
  2. Increase Facebook fan page engagement and obtain 300+ likes by June 2016.
  3. Create a YouTube account and post one new video every month, 6 videos by June 2016.
  4. Incorporate a blog section on website. Consistently post one weekly blog. 24 blogposts by June 2016.
  5. Reach 10 most recent/current customers for testimonials. Add 10 testimonials to website by January 2016. Develop a process of consistently taking testimonials from customers after project completion.

When developing my top 5 e-marketing objectives for Warfield Masonry, I took factors such as resources, time and expectations into serious consideration. Redesigning the website is #1 priority. Current layout is outdated, not mobile compatible, with plenty of design improvements to be made. Utilize photography skills to update current pictures of projects. The majority of construction businesses still hold strong to traditional marketing practices, resulting in less focus on web presence . Improving website design, web copy, pictures and content will give Warfield the competitive edge over a vast majority of local competition.  Testimonial Page is empty. 10 testimonials will be to establish content. A content strategy will be devised for Facebook, YouTube and blog page. Main objectives is to establish an online presence and create a strategy that consistently engages and adds content to current audience. Measures of success is kept simple for first six months, with YouTube and blogposts KPI is amount of posts. Facebook is only platform that requires external KPI, the amount of likes added by end of 6 months. Currently 273 likes, adding 300+ will be over 100% increase. The importance of first 6 months consistency in implementing strategy and establishing an actual presence on website and social media.


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