W10 Blogpost

The biggest challenge of writing a blog this quarter was finding the right words to express myself during the blogging process. More specifically the self-criticism and the “writers block”.  Earlier this quarter in Week 6, BUS 134, I wrote a summary on the article “The Painless Path to Technical Writing” that seemed to put things into perspective. The article opened up about the idea, of how the reluctance that takes place during the writing process is not so much the result of the lack of discipline, but the lack of courage within those moments of self-articulation. To express, then to correct, to overcome the hesitation, then express again, takes a sort of bravery in order to persevere.

From this experience of blogging, I learned that I have a big mouth. lol. Big mouth in the sense that I have a lot to express. I’ve become more of a recluse these recent years from my group of friends. I go to the gym, I go to work, I work on my assignments, and I study success. I’m a broke college student. So going out every weekend doesn’t sound so appealing when it requires me choosing between having enough GNC protein and vitamins for the month, or having enough for gas, a few drinks and some junk food afterwords. My health and my studies are my #1 priorities. Anything else is a negotiable.

And because of that, these assignments have given me an outlet to express my thoughts. What I’ve gained from this experience of blogging which will no doubt be useful for my future is

  1. My passion for becoming superior in my writing has been reinvigorated.
  2. The practice of weekly blogging has continually challenged me to overcome my self-doubt in writing capabilities. Making me more confident and assertive in my writing.
  3. Weekly blogging has led me to learning more techniques in technical writing that is essential in excellent web copy, blogging, etc.
  4. Weekly blogging has given me the momentum to rise to the occasion in writing assignments.
  5. Weekly writing in general has helped me better articulate marketing strategy as well as hold me accountable to meet deadlines, something I need to be great at if I want to become superior in my marketing.

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