Steve Krug’s First Law of Usability – “Don’t Make Me Think!”

Krug’s law represents the core principle in website usability; achieving ultimate clarity and simplicity within the website user experience. The objectives of a website can range from advertising, informing, entertaining, and interacting with its website users. It seems you can have the most vital information about saving wildlife or provide the highest quality services as a small business, but if your website serves as a series of stumbling blocks for displaying content to potential clientele, they will most certainly, leave! But why? All of that precious time, money, on SEO, google adwords and banner ads. Just so the 50% leave feeling exhausted and dissatisfied with your website experience? As I learn about the psychology and reasoning behind this concept I reflect back on my own experiences with websites and usability in general. The same principle that has allowed Apple to skyrocket it’s fandom in recent years with its highly simplistic, attractive user interface. The simplicity in how this law is stated is indicative of the #1 priority website owners should worry about. The simpler the process is from content –> user, the higher chance that they will even have the opportunity to consider your services because they were able to interpret the content at ease, understand the intentions of the website and leave the website with answers to their question they may have had.

Project management is the strategy and execution behind a series of tasks associated within a project. Usually the solution to a problem or simply to just create something. Projects are common in business, art, science, technology, and well, in a lot of things now that I think about it! Project management is utilizing best management techniques to ensure productive usage of time, team and business expenses. Particularly for e-commerce; factors including marketing, sales, customer-relationship management, advertising, demonstrate the various entities in company objectives for website usage. Ensuring best practices in preparing, communicating and executing will provide the best ROI for overall company goals. A common principle in succeeding in anything you do in life is preparation. The better prepared a company is in executing projects dealing with website, and e-commerce, the more successful they will be in connecting with their intended audience. The more likely customers will buy from your website. The more likely the customers will associate positive emotions with your business, rather than feelings of frustration.


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