Chapter 3 is titled Billboard Design 101. The title represents the correlation of traditional design practices and how it’s relevant to the modern web user. Billboards are constructed for the quick-glance from customers who drive by as web pages are better designed for the quick-scanning web user who stops by. These are the five most important things you can do to make sure your audience sees and understands as much of your site as possible. Create a visual hierarchy, take advantage of conventions, break pages up into clearly define areas, make it obvious what’s clickable and minimize noise.

Just like in the headlines of magazines, make sure that your most important content is larger and bolder. Your least important, or whichever content you’d is next in priority should be smaller. Any piece of information that is related to another should be grouped and organized together accordingly. Following this shows great use of convention.

Convention is the way in which things are normally done. By organizing your site in a way that is easily recognizable by your audience such as the visual hierarchy, you make the web experience much easier. You save the effort of trying to figure out what to read first, allowing for better scanning. Web Developers often get carried away trying to invent the next trendy design.. But remember that taking advantage of familiarity, providing and easier web experience is much better than if your customers are having a hard time understanding your new design.

Make your headlines clear and concise, breaking up the pages for easier scanning. be wary of unconventional uses of underlines, symbols, colors in text. One sure way to frustrate your web user is if it’s not obvious what is clickable. Lastly, don’t overwhelm your user with loads of information on one page.

To make your site more readable, use modern web platforms like WordPress, Wix or SquareSpace. These platforms are made with the mobile browser in mind. Most people browse websites on their phones so you want your user to be able to access your site readily. Sites are transitioning to the long scroll design. Just make sure its not too long of a scroll. Do take advantage of using these tips with modern platforms to stay on top of your UX and design practices.


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