User Interface: UI is the physical elements that make her attractive. Her sparkling, almond shaped eyes. Her soft complexion. Her dark red lipstick,  sweet as strawberry wine. The sultry way her body moves towards me in that little black dress. The sound of her voice. Long dark hair dancing with the wind on a breezy afternoon.

User Experience: UX is her physical features, her personality and the overall experience of being in each others presence. It’s how she does the things she does, to make me feel the way I feel. Like how time spent with her is easy, and somehow all my worries seem to vanish. The way she teases me and makes me laugh at the ridiculous things she finds amusing. When she cooks my breakfast in the morning just the way I like it, so I have one thing less to do before I head to work. It’s the tenderness of her touch against my skin, and how it makes me feel like there’s no other person I’d rather have right beside me. It’s the reason why I always come back.

And when that day comes and we must go our separate ways, it will be the memories, the experience, that I will always cherish.

UI is the 20 different categories on the top of the page, and 20 different ads on the right side. UX is the frustration I feel when I’m overwhelmed with all of this information and when I can’t even find what I came to look for!

An example of UI is the sophisticated typography, and the simple white background of the website. UX is how the overall font, plus white space makes me feel like this is a business that values professionalism, simplicity, and how it makes me believe that they provide good service.




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