I follow quite a few twitter profiles like @Entrerepeneur @Inc @socialmedia2day @Forbes that give daily tips, advice, articles relating to business and personal development.

“4 Productivity Tips that changed my Life”

“6 Content Marketing Questions you Need To Answer”

“Essential Morning Rituals For Increased Productivity And Success”

“The Top 5 Trends for Growing Businesses in 2016

I have articles from November in my Twitter Likes that I still haven’t had a chance to read! So everyday I set some time to glean over articles and absorb the value that influences me towards making decisions, creating the habits that will propel me towards my idea of success.

This taught me how to scan for new information and quickly identify what advice will be most valuable. I usually skip the first paragraph and get straight to the content of the article.

I’ve had to delete the Facebook app on my phone because like most users, opening Facebook result in 30 minutes of non-stop scrolling. Out of all social media, Facebook seems to be the most demanding. My Timeline is often relevant, interesting, polarizing, and tends to take me away from productive activity. Now I only go to Facebook at the very end of my day, once I’ve accomplished my essential To-Do’s for the day.

I use google search everyday. I often use search to define and find synonyms for  specific words. Also if there’s someone/something that’s been referenced, I will immediately google search to find more information in if it interests me.

I am definitely one of the common web users who’s developed the scanning eye. Although there is more distractions today than ever before, I believe that the abundant of resources outweighs the cons of internet. When we’re able to use these tools to our advantage and practice being mindful of the information we absorb, our potential for learning and creating meaningful connections is unlimited.



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