The #1 Morning Habit to Help You Dominate Your Day


January 25, 2016

2016 has kicked off and you are motivated, checking off your to-do list and planning the strategy to achieve your vision of greatness. But in the midst of all the goal-setting and preparation, have you stopped to ask yourself how else can you improve your morning routine?

Success is multi-dimensional. It requires developing a holistic view at how you choose to tend to your well-being. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual type or find beliefs like the “Law of Attraction” naive, there is one thing that should not be denied; Encouraging self-talk and visualizing your future is necessary towards creating a life of abundance. 

The #1 morning habit you need to dominate your day is- start by listening to a guided meditation. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or want to start meditating but just don’t know where to begin; guided meditation is the simple, most effective technique to help you become more intentional in how you decide to show up in the world.

Guided Meditation combines positive affirmations, visualizations and breathing instructions over an ambient instrumental sound. YouTube has plenty of guided meditation topics to choose from; such as confidence, motivation, stress, anxiety, gratitude and so on. Some of my top favorite guided meditation videos are included below.

  1. Be Confident in Yourself – Mind Set
  2. Achieve Your Real Potential – Mind Set
  3. A Guided Meditation for Self-Love for Entrepreneurs 
  4. Discovering Your Worthiness – Lisa Nichols
  5. Awakening Your Mind- Alan Watts

The first minute that you wake up, turn off your alarm, grab your phone and get comfortable exactly where you’re laying or in a seated upright position.

Now, pop in your headphones, choose one of these videos (or find a relevant topic), close your eyes and let the instructor guide the way. 

Our inner dialogue influences the everyday decisions that we make; decisions that determine what we experience and the things we accomplish. Our self-talk can be our #1 fan one minute and our worst critic the next. Becoming aware of how you talk to yourself in everyday moments is essential in developing a winning mindset.

Practicing positive affirmation and visualization paves the way for your subconscious to replace that debbie downer voice with encouraging inner dialogue. Not only does this mentally prep you for the day ahead, but the long term habit of envisioning and self-reassurance will tremendously, INVIGORATE, the King/Queen inside you.


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