This was absolutely my favorite assignment of the quarter! Hands down. 

2016 creating my first graphic design was on my “to start doing list” but I was always too intimidated to really start. I didn’t feel I had sufficient time to research graphic design and do it justice. I felt like this was something I’d have to outsource. I’m so grateful this was one of our assignments. It gave me the push to creating my first real graphic design, which is what I appreciate about most of the assignments in this program. Putting my theories into practice.

To create my event poster I used Canva. It would’ve been much more difficult if I used anything else. Canva is an amazing software that gives anyone the tools and guidance to create beautiful designs.

Before starting I spent half the day on the readings/videos in the modules and taking basic training sessions offered on Canva. There were plenty of layouts to choose from helping you get started on specific styles, but I knew I’d learn better by starting from scratch. I plan to start from scratch for future designs as well. I gots to! If I wanna be great at this I need to be intentional with the elements I choose and understand exactly how/why I create my designs.

Both photography and wardrobe consulting gave me essential experience in color combinations and composition. Using Tumblr, Pinterest and following modern photographers developed my taste for modern designs most appealing today.

Where I struggled with most were shapes and creating borders for the body of text. I’d get stuck trying different styles not satisfied with some. I wasn’t 100% confident with choosing the correct font styles, but understood the basics of which style tones were playful, sophisticated, bold etc.

Creating the flyer took about 1 – 1 1/2 hours. Although I did have my struggle moments, through trial and error I was learning a lot about what I liked and what I didn’t like. I foresee the design process becoming easier as I keep practicing and keep learning new techniques. Choosing elements will be more intentional. Decisions will be based off experience and taking creativity.

I plan to create a graphic design on a weekly basis and add this to my skill set. I was never good at drawing and my handwriting stinks. Graphic design gives me a creative outlet and is something I can offer future clients with confidence.


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