Why the Colors You Choose Matter

Whether it’s for a new brand logo or interior decoration for your living room; the colors you choose matter.

There are times when I notice a business logo and can’t help but feel some sort of disdain. Or when people wear overly vibrant colors to a job interview for a conservative law firm. Something just doesn’t fit.

Colors can evoke different emotions. Colors are also a part of conventional norms and have associations to various niches. The wrong colors can give the wrong impression, but the right colors can give your business the slight edge it needs for its branding.

If you have an interview at a big law firm, try wearing a gray tie with your navy suit. Navy and gray are timeless colors that speak professionalism and authoritative. Or maybe you want to convey emotions of tenderness; Peach and Sky Blue are associated with nurturing and tranquility.

Use this infographic below help you choose the colors to express your unique style or to match your customer-business story!



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