3 Methods DTE Enhances Their Brand


1)  Brand Story 

Sasha Strauss’s 2013 Conference Keynote at Google explains the “New Normal” in branding is to address a topic and cultivate a belief system.

“..local, handmade lifestyle brand that merges edgy, urban design with the outdoors and the natural world that surrounds us. A brand that exists to encourage, inspire, unite and identify with the style and heart of OUR generation. A style-conscious generation committed to seeing their world a better place. A generation cold to the corporate “Machine.”About Us Page

The topics addressed on the About Us page relate to local business, handmade goods, urban design and unity of the modern generation. The beliefs associated is supporting local brand versus the corporate machine, handmade merchandise versus mass produced, the love for outdoors and a generation committed to seeing the world a better place.

Supporting local, ethical sourcing and sustainability are values which resonate deeply with Millennial consumers. DTE is enhancing their brand by centering around these values, creating a personable connection with the targeted audience.

2) YouTube

The videos are a mix of photo shoots, promos and vlog series with inspirational themes. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to invest in video marketing. DTE’s creative team enhances their brand by producing quality videos reflecting their core values.

Their latest video upload featured the Seattle location Grand Opening FASHION SHOW. The fashion show is a popular element in the mainstream industry, but not so commonly practiced by small businesses. This alone is a strength that differentiates themselves from local competition.

3) Instagram

Instagram page has 244 posts and over 8,000 followers. With a variety of pictures from models, merchandise and promos; DTE seems to have an effective content strategy in place. To utilize social media effectively, a company needs to choose the platform and content that will connect with its target audience. Instagram only allowing pictures and short 15-second clips made it a prime platform for photography. DTE incorporates artistic, high-quality photography on a consistent basis. The content they post attracts new customers to their brand and caters to their current customers.


Strauss, S. (2013, May 22). Think Branding, with Google – Conference Keynote – “Branding in the New Normal” Retrieved February 05, 2016, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l2CUjkg0ug
DTE Seattle Grand Opening. (2015, October 14). Retrieved February 05, 2016, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHCRSmFMhSI



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