Jessica Mah- Money Talks & Entrepreneurship

Starting her first business selling drawings on the playground at 11 years old, Jessica Mah took after her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit. Three years later while still in middle school, she began her first online business making money on Ebay. Since then Jessica has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30, CNN Money, Techcrunch, NY Times; every possible business magazine you can think of. Jessica is the Co-Founder of inDinero, an automated accounting software for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The interview took place September 2010 when Jessica was 20 years old. Jessica’s talks on her early years in business, current goals and obstacles running inDinero; also an inside look at some of the software features.

One of the best ways to learn about success is to understand those who are most successful. This was a raw session, inside the mind of a kid who went from running an online business in middle school to running a multi-million dollar company by age 19. When asked about future plans and the current state of the business, it was very interesting to hear Jessica be so open about her worries.

One thing that was very obvious in this interview was her WHY and how passionate she is in providing a service to greatly benefit many entrepreneurs in the world. Even with all of the success thus far, it was clear that in her mind, she still had a long way to go.

After researching different accounting services and software, inDinero is now another option I can look into when I start my independent contracting business. The user-friendly automation and support from many in this industry make inDinero a very strong option to go with for future accounting.

I hadn’t realized this video was from 2010 until the end. After hearing about her aspirations and how much more hustling she had to do, I looked up other videos to see where she’s at. Here’s one from December 2015, Jessica is now 25 years old and is the cover of Inc. Magazine 5000 issue!

Very inspirational! Glad to see Jessica overcoming her obstacles in 2010 and kicking butt in this industry. You Go Girl!


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