3 BEST Ways Boutique Stores Can Attract New Clients



1) Build A Blogging Empire

Do The Extraordinary does not have a blog section on their website. Have a designated Blogging Director(s). This person will be in charge of finding bloggers, editing, create an outline for blogging goals, objectives and a time frame for completion.

Aim for 1-2 blog posts per week, planned out months in advance. The blog posts will address topics that resonate with the lifestyles of DTE’s target audience. Topics like street fashion, mainstream fashion news, seasonal trends, style tips; as well as sustainability and outdoor activities in WA. 

Reach out to up and coming fashion influencers, college students and local bloggers. One streetwear brand that does this successfully is The Hundreds. Young bloggers will be more than willing to contribute, gain experience, exposure to get their works in front of a bigger audience. This sort of blogging community with consistent activity and a network of contributors will ENLIVEN the DTE brand. A culture will be born, people involved will become brand ambassadors and in turn, will attract more clientele!

2) Video Makeover + Q&A

DTE Youtube has amazing quality videos that beautifully expresses their brand. The downfall is the lack of consistency, with 2 video posts from the last 2 years. One idea for a project is a video makeover. A volunteer from the community, a shopper, who wants style advice and up their wardrobe gets help from DTE and day gets documented. Another idea is video advice, or Q&A addressing topics/questions on social networks. Both of these examples breaks the wall from the business to the community. Video marketing is effective in influencing. Using video to connect with the audience directly and have them get involved will add to the DTE culture. 

3) Network Events 

B2B relationships within both the industry and the community are essential towards growing business. The best way to build valuable relationships is actively attend networking events. For local support in small businesses, connect with the chamber of commerce. For local support within the fashion scene, attend Seattle Fashion Week or other similar events to connect with key influencers!


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