How to Stand Out on Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-David is a Successful Startup Entrepreneur Coach and Mentor, Author of 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible and Creator of Valuetainment YouTube Channel”  – 

Patrick Bet-David goes over the transition from traditional to social media, and its effect on marketing as entrepreneurs.  Blogging has become the new Journalism, YouTube the new television, Periscope the new live broadcast and Twitter the entertainment daily news.

One thing all of these platforms have in common is that they are absolutely FREE.

“Social Media has become the great equalizer against giant companies”.

Patrick makes the case for those who claim they’re too busy to utilize social media to market their business. This is what his social media schedule looks like…

  • Write 1 blog post per week on Sunday.
  • Check Twitter 20-30 mins every morning to catch up on the daily news.
  • Make 1 Instagram post a day.
  • Periscope 1x per week during a special event.

…All while balancing family time with his wife, two children and running a multi-million dollar insurance company.

The biggest struggle micro business owners face in digital marketing is efficient scheduling and strategy. Halfway through my second-quarter in this social media marketing program, and wow. It’s a lot to take in! Being immersed in the subject for this long I’m realizing why many business owners must resort to outsourcing.

One contact found through Patrick’s YouTube channel turned into a $1 Million dollar profit for his company.  The idea is to build a brand that will attract quality relationships to your business. The money isn’t in the YouTube ads or amount of subscribers, but the people that you end up connecting with.

Here are Patrick Bet-David’s 8 elements of marketing as entrepreneurs (with my interpretations).

  1. “Have A Message/Opinion” – What is your industry? What do you believe? A lot of thought leaders have built brands around marketing, leadership, spiritual health and fitness. Some popular industries right now revolve around tech, start-up, and real estate.
  2. “Value-based” – Become a value seeker/sharer. Promote other influencers who are producing great content. Be a leader and source for knowledge.
  3. “Target Audience” –  Big companies can afford to mass-market. But if you try to be everything to everyone you will lose. Having a target audience narrows down to a quality market, who can potentially become your biggest brand ambassadors.
  4. “Be Where Your Audience Is” – Online and offline. Can you think of one important person in your life whom you would have never met, if you weren’t at the right place, at the right time? Actively look for opportunities to where your audience will increase your chances of finding successful relationships.
  5. “Be Relevant” – Follow the trends. Be active in your industry. Contribute to online groups to build social proof and credibility.
  6. “10 o’clock News Happens Every Night” – Be consistent with your social media marketing. Consistency = credibility
  7. “Authenticity”– Your service must be congruent with your deepest core values. Congruency = authenticity
  8. “Transparency” – An excellent stature combined with the capability to be vulnerable with your audience will increase their respect for you tenfold. transparency = trust + vulnerability

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