Creating Something From Nothing

I created a sample blog post promoting an open house event for Weichert Real Estate. I used Canva to combine the pictures into a digital flyer. I used a Real Estate sectioned theme and replaced the pictures and information on an actual listing home. I changed the color scheme to match Weichert’s; tweaked the circle, added a line and changed the font size/types.

I initially wanted to create a video, but I didn’t get to look at this discussion until it was already Wednesday. The Realtor I’m working with wants to start doing videos for his marketing and I really wanted to make a home tour promo vid. I didn’t get a chance to this time, but I did take that first step in really researching the How To’s and Tips for creating videos for marketing.


I re-wrote the description of the actual listing home. I looked at the top real estate agents and noticed they used vivid imagery when describing their homes. I rewrote the description, switched up the vocabulary and attempted to tap into the readers emotions.  I was pleased with the results. I think the slightly exaggerated language is effective in inciting excitement in home buyers.

Throughout this course, I’ve learned how to tap into a newer source of “flow”. I get into this flow state when I write and now; creating graphic designs. It’s hard sometimes since I get distracted easily; but once I commit, I am immersed in productive creativity. Atmospheric instrumental playing in the background and I am 100% focused and in the zone!


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