Entrepreneurship – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

My favorite aspects of learning entrepreneurship deal with the introspection, branding, and marketing. Week 1 addressed the same questions many personal development leaders talk about;  Understanding your strengths,  driving motivation, and core values.

I don’t plan to work for someone or a job I don’t find fulfilling ever again. Sounds cliche, I even cringe when I hear a wantrepreneurs make boastful claims in public but their action proves otherwise. But I trust myself to follow thru to my promises. Knock on wood but I haven’t let myself down when it comes to rising up to the challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone.

The most daunting section of this course was learning about the finances. I struggled. It didn’t seem as interesting as the other topics, but once I got into the flow of learning I started to build momentum. Plugging numbers, doing the critical thinking, I got lost in my assignment and finished with a deep sense of accomplishment. I can now say that I’ve created my first Cash Flow Statement and P&L Projection!

I had the same experience in the module when we learned about taxes. 1099? Schedule C? 1040? Do I file quarterly? Yearly? You mean I can’t just not worry about it and get paid a whole lotta cash during tax return anymore like everyone else?

Intimidating, but like the cash flow projection I KNEW these were subjects I had to learn. Regardless of my initial impressions of these subjects, I have a deep sense of appreciation for them. To live at a time where all of the resources we have to learn are at our fingertips? Is truly a blessing. I am grateful to be alive in 2016. I’d be foolish to not take advantage of the abundance of knowledge available.

Entrepreneurship is the only way. Every project and every lesson learned will only contribute towards a more positive outlook on the entrepreneurial life. My openness to learning new skills and discipline have led me to be the man I am today. I’m learning so much about the actual risks of starting your own business through these courses. It’s intimidating but more-so exciting. The idea of staying at a comfortable job and spending another minute doing something that doesn’t bring fulfillment scares me more than anything.

From our very first breath, the timer to our last days had just been set. We don’t know how long this journey will last. Every time I really think about it, it trips me out. But I say it often to remind myself to be grateful. To enliven my spirit.



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