DTE Usability Testing


SCENARIO (for Tasks 1 & 2): “You saw one of your friends wearing a ____ that they purchased from Do The Extraordinary. You head home and browse the DTE website to find similar items with a clear budget in mind.”

TASK 1: Purchase a sweater for under $70.

TASK 2: Purchase a bracelet for under $50.

Explain why testing these tasks are important and what you expect to find when you do the test. 

The Home, About Us, News, DTE TV, Contact pages have very little content. When your websites only experience is its e-commerce; having a decent shopping user experience is essential. I expect plenty of critical errors from testers when they’re attempting these tasks. I also expect 100% of the testers to experience frustration, mainly  because there are no captions underneath the pictures! There is no option to filter  products by type, size, color, or price. So in order to browse sweaters, you must browse all TOPS.

Without captions underneath the products, you won’t know how much each product costs until you click its picture. So the only way to find a sweater for under $70 is to click on each picture of a sweater. If these issues get resolved, people will have an easier time shopping. This increases customer satisfaction, website traffic, and online revenue.

Tell us how you would potentially recruit participants and what you would tell them when they get to the test. 

I wold recruit shoppers visiting Do The Extraordinary store in Downtown Seattle. First, I would give a debrief on the who, what and why of this usability test. I’d mention the importance of providing a good UX for our customers and improving our website. I’d encourage participants to think out loud. I’d ask them what they did for work, how many hours they spent on the internet so we can segment our results by demographics.


Krug, S. (2006). Don’t make me think!: A common sense approach to Web usability. Berkeley, Calif: New Riders Pub. 

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