Multi-Media Marketing

Email newsletter- Email  will play an essential role in our lead nurturing system. We want to build rapport with potential clients looking for information on buying/selling homes. Strategically crafted landing pages and an email sign-up form will call users to stay connected. The example I used in my multi-marketing piece included an open house invite, what to expect from the e-newsletter and a free pdf guide from Quicken Loans. We want to provide valuable content that builds trust, gives clients what they’re looking for and work towards an opportunity to meet in person. Our blog posts and videos will be included in our email newsletter. Emails will be tailored towards our potential client’s needs (home buyer, home sellers, aspiring agents). Email services like AWeber and Mailchimp offer great analytics, tools and templates. Tracking email analytics (open rates, CTR) will help me drive the results and see what needs improving. 1-4 emails per month.

Flyer- Canva is a free software I’ll use to create beautiful graphics. Flyers, event promotions and homes for sale will be posted on Facebook. We want our viewers to like, share and engage with us on social networks. Visual pieces provide opportunities to engage and build brand awareness. We’ll use these visuals to get people visiting our site to find more information. They’ll be included in both our e-newsletters and website. Graphic visuals will be made and posted when necessary.

Video- One video per week. Videos will be included on our website, e-newsletters and facebook posts. We’ll have our own YouTube for the company. Videos will cover buying/selling tips, information, events, testimonials, and conversations. I plan to meet with team members once a week to come up with engaging videos that our audience can benefit from. YouTube analytics (shares, likes, comments) will be monitored carefully and used to make improvements. This will be the heart of our content strategy.


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