Info Design for Business REFLECTION

Writing for the Web– In our W2 Module, we learned the difference between writing for the web vs writing for print. We learned that the average internet user prefers to skim and that long text can dissuade potential customers from reading further. I learned strategies such as sentence structures, shorter paragraphs, headlines, and general web copy. As a digital marketer, writing is one of the most valuable skills to have! Writers are the voice of the business. A great writer can provide clarity, story-telling, and is the basis for blog content creation. Writing is transferable to any industry. These lessons taught me strategic writing that I will use throughout my career.

Visual Design– In our W4 Module, we learned about visual design and how it relates to marketing. I learned how images, colors, fonts and visual elements affect how users perceive your brand. I learned that certain colors incite different feelings. Our assignment was to create a graphic design promoting an event. I had the opportunity to use what I learned and put it into practice by creating a marketing piece. Flyers, Banner Ads, logos are all forms of marketing content I’ll need to know how to create. Visual components are especially effective in influencing the audience. Thanks to this module I learned concepts, found free software and had my first experience creating graphic flyers!

Social Issues with Content Creation– In our W8 Module, we learned about copyright, privacy, legal issues and fair use. Most of what we’re learning revolve around inbound marketing. When I work with businesses I’ll most likely play a role in their content creation. In our discussion we defined fair use and gave an example how we’d use it in our marketing. The legal issues with content today cause a lot of commotion. There’s confusion, confrontation, ambiguity, and is something I can possibly run into when I do real world projects. I don’t want to deal with it. The best way to deal with it is learning what I can do to avoid legal issues when I create content.


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