Online Selling and Web Usability REFLECTION

Branding– In week 4 we learned about branding for your business. I learned online branding is not just your logo and website. Branding is how your customers feel about your product. Branding is the visual elements, the story you tell, and the message you inspire in your audience. It’s clear that the most successful businesses of today were able to tug the heartstrings of the consumers. In our W4 Blogpost, I had to analyze DO The Extraordinary and identify what they’re doing online to enhance their brand. I am fascinated with branding. Outside of this class, I’m constantly reading, learning techniques and studying the best brands in the market. I plan to make branding my forte in my marketing. This module helped me understand the different ways businesses do branding on the web, identifying them and explain my reason.

E-Commerce– In Week 2 we learned about the components of e-commerce. Our discussion assignment was to identify what the company was offering, how they accepted money and the shopping journey. We watched videos and read articles that taught us about various e-commerce strategies. The assignment was to analyze a small business, commercial and non-profit website and take notes on what could use improvement. Proactively finding solutions to e-commerce platforms will benefit the businesses I work with in the future.

Usability Test Report– The final project for this class was to design, conduct and create a usability test report. This gave real-world experience on professional UX testing. Testing and finding areas of improvement for a website can be costly. Small businesses may not have the knowledge or the resources to do one. This means their web presence can be lacking in many areas, which can result in setbacks and customer dissatisfaction. Poor UX. E-Commerce is the new normal. Everyone is shopping online. Businesses need to ensure they follow best practices. After this project, I can confidently say I know how to conduct a usability test. Having this experience makes me more valuable in the marketplace.


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