My Three Goals for MNGT 139 Social Media Content


1. “Examine differences between writing for print and writing for the web and produce effective and appropriate marketing content for both mediums.”

My #1 priority is to improve my writing skills. Throughout this program, I’ve come to terms with the ultimate power of persuasive writing. Customers are doing plenty of research about businesses before choosing their services or products. Poor writing can dissuade potential clients and portray a lack of credibility; which can be bad news for small businesses who don’t have experience with writing for the web. I’m interested in learning how to write in various tones and personalities to match their audience. Powerful writing is a dark force in the hands of fascist dictators or annoying advertisers, but a super power for the ones who serve the people.

2. “Research and discuss knowledge, skills and abilities required for professional positions in the fields of social media content and digital content creation.”

Within the next five years, I see myself as this Rockstar CMO of an organization that benefits those whom it serves. In crafting my master plan towards this vision, I find myself working backward. I study the top CMO’s of today and look into top marketing skills and abilities for 2016. Identifying the most sought after skills gives me a framework for these next few years. I’ll develop a plan and devote time every day to perfecting these skills. I love how this is one of the outcomes. It takes in-depth research and discussions for someone like myself to effectively plan this sort of roadmap.

3. “Evaluate and propose strategies for delivering effective marketing messages and business content for the web and social media channels.”

We’ve covered so many different strategies throughout this program; My first concern was how in the heck am I going to retain all of this information? But what it’s done so far is cultivated the “problem-solver” mentality inside of me. Asaph MacGyver. Putting myself in the shoes of actual brands gives me experience in content creation for multiple platforms. The diverse-rich world of business pushes me to think outside the box and pull lessons from the past, with the customer in mind. The marketing message must match the core values of the brand if they want to resonate with the people. The audience determines what channels, post frequency, tools and content. Every factor correlates with the other, and this process calls for critical thinking, intensive research, and decisiveness when proposing strategies.


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