HTML is a coding language used to program webpages and applications. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML can be identified as combinations of letters, numbers and symbols carefully formulated to dictate specific outcomes. Right-clicking on any webpage and selecting “view source” will reveal the HTML source responsible for the websites components.

HTML to the internet is like The English language to the United States of America. HTML code is responsible for the UX and UI of what you see when you browse the internet. Coding is the practice used by programmers to which fuel innovation in the world of cyberspace.

While completing this module, I realized I’d been HTML coding since I was twelve years old. Before Facebook was the king of social, I had accounts on two popular social network/blog sites at the time – Myspace and Xanga. If you were part of this generation, you’d know that popularity contests were settled by who had the coolest layout. The way to change your layout was to copy the HTML layout code and paste into your backend profile editor.

Pretty soon I was playing around with the HTML, adjusting the code to change font sizes, colors, resize pictures, and learned basic tags, etc. If someone had a feature I liked on their Myspace or Xanga profile; I’d recall saying something like… “HeY, YuR RoTaTiNG BaNNeR oN YuR PRoFile.. SoOoOOO CooL! WhaT CoDe DiD Yu YouZ? PAycE OuT” (this was the language of the Xanga generation) and I’d use mix and match codes to get the layout I liked.

HTML can be helpful in creating social media content in a team environment. Understanding basic HTML means better communication with the web programmer on the team. Knowing HTML also allows me to make basic adjustments to websites, images and WordPress. Since this assignment I’ve been learning HTML basics through tutorial videos and practicing coding. I’m now convinced I want to invest some time to master a few code languages. Coding is in high-demand and is a great opportunity for me to challenge myself. Coding teaches critical thinking, data analysis – a fantastic skill to add to my digital arsenal.




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