Graphic Design Concepts

Address why having some knowledge of graphic design concepts are helpful in creating social media content. 

Knowing the concepts of graphic design and how to manipulate visual elements to create attractive graphics is a surefire way to make your designs stand out. Whether it’s facebook, twitter, company websites – studies show that users engage more when there are images. Infographics combine pictures, numbers, words, and colors to articulate information better or to get their message across.

Graphic design plays an essential role in content marketing today. It’s highly unlikely you can run a successful business today, without using graphics to articulate your brand. Logos, banners, flyers, e-newsletters, Facebook posts – it’s everywhere. Ensuring you’re using best practices in graphic design means appealing,  impressive, engaging content and an outstanding representation of your brand.

Define and explain at least three concepts in graphic design & why the concept is helpful to know. 

Color – Elements like hue, shade, tint, contrast, saturation make up the variable qualities of a color. Colors incite emotion. People don’t often paint rooms solid RED, BLUE or BLACK for a reason. We usually expect our living spaces to incite feelings of tranquility, like white and lighter tones of pastel colors.

Red = Passion and romance

Navy = conservative, authority and trust.

Take advantage of color conventions to make sure you’re sending the right messages/emotions to your audience.

Shapes – Shapes have been around since the dawn of humanity – in our drawings, inventions and the world around us. Like colors, shapes communicate qualities that humans interpret subconsciously. Feelings of trust and security, tenseness and harmony. Utilizing shapes tied the message you want to get across will result in interest and curiosity from your audience.

Line – A line is a point from one end to another. Lines can emphasize a focus point, or lead the eyes another direction. Underlines can be used to draw attention to specific words. Lines combined with shapes can create unique, appealing content and a sense of harmony. Lines are an easy way to add life to marketing content for social media posts.



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