Describe how you currently use Linkedin and why you think it’s helpful to your career, job or business.  

My priority for LinkedIn was to have a complete profile with up-to-date information and overall well-crafted presentation. I like to connect with friends, colleagues and people that I’ve met at networking events. I actually don’t attend too many networking events, but it’s an excellent way to stay connected and expand your professional network. Adding someone on Facebook tends to be reserved for friends and family, LinkedIn lets potential relationships/collaborations stay connected.

I went to Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC2015) where NW industry experts on marketing and technology gave presentations. I met some cool people there and added them to my LinkedIn circle.

Other than staying connected with friends and people I’ve met, I use LinkedIn to keep my finger on the pulse of multiple marketing industries. My priority right now is to complete my Social Media Marketing Program. I’m mindful of mine and others people time, so I won’t randomly connect with someone I don’t plan on meeting.

LinkedIn will be helpful when I obtain my Social Media Marketing Certificate and completed Professional Portfolio. I have job search notifications for social media marketing jobs. This Summer I plan to find an apprenticeship style or entry level social media marketing position to gain valuable real-world experience. Craigslist, Indeed, Monster are all popular but I will focus on more modern platforms like LinkedIn. I believe businesses looking for quality candidates will post onto LinkedIn jobs versus older platforms.

LinkedIn will also be helpful once I have 1-2 years of experience in digital marketing. I can showcase my publications and projects onto my profile. I’ll be open to collaborating with other creatives or doing projects with local business owners!


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