4 Things You Can Do to Make Your Video Go Viral

1. Identify Your Theme – Hilarious, disgusting, shocking, endearing, inspiring, informative; what do these adjectives have in common? They’re incredibly, emotional. More-so these are the feelings that best describe some of the most viral videos we’ve come to adore (or find appalling).

The first step is identifying the emotion. Take into consideration your video objectives, your brand, and your target audience, to double-down on what content will make the most impact.

Extra emphasis on impact. The genius behind viral content is the way they tug onto the heartstrings of the human emotion, good or bad. But for the sake of marketing, you should always aim for positive association with your videos and brand.

“If your clip is emotive enough to want to pass it on to their friends, you’re definitely on the right path.” (p. 180)

2. Dissect Your Findings – Say you want to create a HILARIOUS viral video, think about the funniest content popular today. How about create a funky little dance? Dance memes are a part of youth culture and quickly finds itself into the mainstream. The dab, the running man, Harlem Shake, Whip, Nae-Nae – are all examples of videos you can study. Find the TOP 10 Funniest dance memes and take note on the lyrics, the moves, the catchiness of the tune.

How about a prank video? Find the top 10 funniest prank videos and take note of the location, the context of the skits and the acting. Or even a reaction video. You have the entire world for inspiration in the palm of your hands. All you have to do now is strategically gather the right influence for your video.

“To give you a good idea of where to begin your strategy, search YouTube for ‘Best Vine Compilations’ and you’ll find a huge pool of inspiration from which to garner your own ideas.” (p. 180)

3. Share, EVERYWHERE – My best bet is that you’re going to want to focus on YouTube. Make sure you strategically write your description and choose your tags for SEO optimization. Think of all the things people might search for when trying to find your video as well as other similar videos.

Then, post it on every social platform, site and digital community that comes to mind. Create a native upload onto Facebook so it auto-plays. Share it on Twitter and Instagram (choose the best section of the vid as a teaser with a link to the YouTube video if it’s longer than 30 seconds). Share on your blog and your website. BASICALLY, any of the links available when you click “Share” underneath the video.

Share onto Dailymotion, Vimeo, and even WORLDSTARHIPHOP.

“These sites may not have the massive popularity over YouTube, but it could be that your most lucrative customers only ever browse those video websites.” (p.145)

And when your views really start to rack up – send it to Ellen Degeneres.

4. Tru-View Video Ad –

“Try to keep your video ads relatively short – 90 seconds or less is a good target — long enough to formulate a compelling visual story, but not too long that viewers will get bored and skip past it.” (p.147)

Now it’s time to crank your exposure to the next level. Turn your viral video into a YouTube Video ad using Google AdWords Tru-View. Select your target demographics and select In-Stream Ad for your video to play in the intro or the middle of YouTube videos. The catch is you must captivate your audience in the first five seconds generally, to hook them to continue watching. Once they feel compelled they will head to your YouTube Channel and want to see what else you’ve got to offer. So have welcoming content for your new viewers and make a good first impression!


Macarthy, A. (2016). 500 social media marketing tips (UPDATED SPRING 2016). Lexington, KY: CreateSpace.



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