What makes content, convincing? (TZOA)

TZOA is a wearable environmental tracker with internal sensors that measures air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV exposure. Compact, portable with a super sleek design, TZOA brings chic and innovation to the sustainability sector. TZOA comes with a mobile app that monitors results and gives feedback about the quality of the air you are breathing. TZOA devices across the world provide valuable information into a community map. Sort of like when Google Maps using the Google Van to take pictures across the world. Neat right?

Social media content can be entirely convincing, but when it comes to me making that purchase or giving my support it all comes down to the actual value. What TZOA represents are values that I deeply care about; innovation, sustainability and a way people can contribute to something bigger than themselves, to the greater good of humanity.

The type of content that TZOA, as well as plenty IndieGoGo and Kickstarter startups, do well are PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS. 

“..The right length for a YouTube video is exactly as long as it keeps people watching (shorter videos, around 5 minutes maximum seems to be a widely accepted limit..” (pg. 132)

Keep the content relevant and create with the web user in mind. This TZOA promotional video is interesting (cutting edge technology device that measures air quality) and persuasive – “Join a community of people standing together to build a cleaner and more beautiful world for generations to come.” At about 3 minutes this video is at a perfect length. It’s informative, has a powerful message and utilizes cinematography techniques effectively to connect with the audience.


Macarthy, A. (2016). 500 social media marketing tips: Essential advice, hints and strategy for business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google , YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More! (UPDATED FOR 2016). S.I.: CreateSpace.



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