Kalu Social Media Plan


Ways to Drive Traffic to the Website

  1. Facebook posts- Upload bracelet and fashion photography to Facebook. Create graphic designs for Facebook posts promoting kalu bracelets. Use a software like UNBOUNCE to create a tailored landing page for a specific promotion on bracelets. Gradually unveil new bracelet styles to correlate with the seasons. Create short promotional videos for each new collection and upload native Facebook video post. Include the site link in the description with a CTA to check out our website for more colors/styles.
  2. Create a Kalu NW Fashion Blog- Create and maintain a fashion blog on the kalu website. Aim for 2-4 blog posts per month. Blog topics can be fashion advice, style ideas, NW fashion, etc. Blog posts don’t have to be just written content. They can be photoshoot collections, videos, infographics. Blogs will target college students in the NW. Seek local aspiring writers, college students, and fashion bloggers and encourage guest posting! Guest writers can benefit from any exposure their blog posts bring. Investing in an online blogging community has the potential for mass digital reach, check out The Hundreds Blog. Find 2-5 bloggers who are willing to blog at least 1x a month, pay them per blog post to encourage quality and participation. Share blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. Monitor progress and make adjustments.
  3. YouTube- Create short videos of behind the scenes in making custom plaques for customers. Encourage viewers to visit our website to see the rest of our works. Create photoshoot videos with local aspiring models. Interview local fashion boutiques and accessory brands about their company. Encourage viewers to visit our website to check out our fashion blog.

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