Social Media Content Course Reflection

Social Media Content was an extension of the Intro to Social Media course I took last year. We dived deeper into the actual content with tools and strategies to create engaging content for all social media platforms. Here are three of my favorite topics from MNGT 139.

1) Other Ways to Make Money Online – In our Week 8 Module, we learned about various ways to make money online. We learned about making money on Pinterest, YouTube and creating stock photos to make a profit. Our assignment was to find multiple ways we can monetize our e-commerce website aside from selling products and services. While working on these assignments I learned more about affiliate and referral marketing.

2) Social Media Marketing Plan – I created two social media marketing plans this quarter – one for my SoMe project and Module 9. In the beginning of this program in my Intro to Social Media course, I created a Social Media Marketing Plan. I wasn’t 100% confident with my result. With dozens of social media templates out there how am I supposed to choose the best one? This quarter we went more in-depth into what makes an effective social media marketing plan. The time I put into creating these two social media plans was the experience I was looking for this quarter. I refined my goals and tactics, prioritized what was important and continually learn the more I do assignments where I put myself in the position of an actual small business.

3) White Papers – Our final module, week ten we’re learning about white papers. White Papers are written content bundled up in a pdf or word document providing valuable information to a niche audience in a particular industry. Be it internal or external. White Papers are becoming ubiquitous. Investing in quality White Papers can be the most useful lead magnet tool in your arsenal.

Learning about the other ways to make money online is helpful for my life because I don’t plan on going back to a regular job. I plan to perfect my skills in marketing and become MVP in whatever industry I choose. I love the autonomy. But I understand it’s gonna be a rough start, so learning about as many ways I can make money not only will help me financially, but it puts me in a “what’s next” mindset. Constantly looking for ways to make a profit is the kind of mentality that will open up doors to opportunities.

Social Media Plans and White Papers are helpful to learn because those will be essential parts of the work that I do. I will be creating social media plans for brands and businesses. The more I make, the better I get at crafting them and learning what’s most beneficial for the brand/business. White Papers especially are becoming more popular. Learning how to make a comprehensive White Paper will be another skill set I can add to my list that will help me in my Marketing journey.


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